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Minister warns against enrichment through sport

Minister warns against enrichment through sport

Aili Iilonga

MINISTER of Sport, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni, has warned the new members of the Namibia Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NBWCB) to stay away from corruption and self-enrichment schemes.


He said that they should instead focus on their mandate and improving the development of boxing in the country.


He made these remarks during the inauguration of the new members who will take office month end until 2024.


“Do not try to enrich through this code; instead be poor, be satisfied with what you have and contribute to what you were appointed to contribute and serve your term in peace. If you see money, leave it, as it is not yours. Do not ruin your integrity,” urged the minister.

He also stated that the new members must get to work in reviewing the current boxing and Wrestling Act, which dates back to pre-independence under the South African apartheid government.


The same Act also prohibits the licensing of female boxing in the country, with many Namibian promoters forced to use their own funds and resources for female boxers to partake in competition outside the country.


The minister also touched on current ongoing infightings with the current board members, noting that such practices paint a bad picture to the public.


“Hearing on those reports has made me feel uneasy and this is not good. When you are a board member, you cannot proclaim sport as your own thing. Serve your term and go. We are in a chain, in a rolling tire and that is how we should do things,” the minister concluded.

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