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Fake travel agents nabbed by police

Fake travel agents nabbed by police

Staff Reporter

AN owner of an unregistered travel agency, along with two others, are currently in police custody for questioning for suspected fraud involving approximately N$400 000.


According to Police Spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, the police is currently gathering statements from victims and witnesses after the three women were taking in for questioning yesterday.


“A lot of people have come forward to give their complaints against these particular persons of interest and the police is busy with the matter. We have gathered sufficient evidence implicating them and a prima facie case has been established against them.  The three women will appear in the Windhoek Magistrate’s court tomorrow,” Kanguatjivi said.


About 19 people approached the police to report the alleged fake travel agency which operates under the name Alma Travel and Tours.

A victim told Informanté that she was scheduled to fly on 9 September but found out that her name was not on the list upon her arrival at the airport.


She had paid a total N$22 000 for her itinerary through the alleged fraudulent travel agency.


“The airline had a technical delay and they had to sort out accommodation for passengers but my name was nowhere, so the travel agent took me into her home until my travel issues to the United Kingdom were sorted out. I then stayed at her house and another flight was scheduled for me on the 22 September. The same thing happened and I was told my name wasn’t anywhere on the flight list and I started getting suspicious,” the victim said.

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