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Sleeping official cause delay at Andersson Gate

Sleeping official cause delay at Andersson Gate

Niël Terblanché

SCORES of tourists that were scheduled to go on game drives inside the Etosha National Park were stuck in front of the Andersson Gate for more than an hour while they waited for the gates to be unlocked.
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda confirmed the delay and said the Namibian Police are in charges of security at the park.
Muyunda said the gate was supposed to open at 06:00 and was only opened after 07:00.
A tour guide that was supposed to take a group of tourists on a drive inside the park said that after waiting for some time they found out from other employees of the park that the police officer responsible for the key overslept which caused the delay.
According the manager of one of the lodges situated near the gate, game drives inside the park forms a large part of their business and it is the reason why visitors from all over the world book accommodation with them.
“The people visiting our lodges pay for a service and they expect everything to go smoothly. Disruptions like what occurred at the gate earlier on Wednesday morning will definitely be reported to booking companies and on websites such as tripadvisor. The knock-on effect could be quite bad.”
Muyunda said the delay in opening the gate is regrettable and offered an apology on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to all persons and business that were affected by the delay.

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