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Genocide second appeal

Genocide second appeal

Marthina Mutanga

MEMBERS of the OvaHerero and Nama communities have sold their livestock in order to raise funds to attend the appeal of the genocide case in New York and will travel without the support of the Namibian Government.
OvaHerero Traditional Authority Secretary General, Mutjinde Katjua, said at the centre of arguments in their appeal is whether the New York Court has jurisdiction over the matter or not. He added that they are optimistic for a positive outcome.
Lawyers representing the Ovaherero and Nama in the genocide lawsuit did file a notice of appeal in the Second Circuit Court of Appeal, following a dismissed class-action lawsuit filed by the two communities in the US Federal Court in New York for crimes against humanity.
The Ovaherero and Nama people filed a lawsuit on January 2017, suing Germany for excluding them from current negotiations between the German and Namibian governments concerning the 1904-1908 genocide committed here.
Up to 100 000 Herero and Nama are believed to have been killed by German imperial troops in the early 1900s in what was then the German colony of South-West Africa.
Meanwhile, the negotiations between the Namibian and the German governments about the genocide perpetrated in the former German colony South West Africa in 1904-1908 have just entered their third year.
Ngondi Kamatuka who is based in Chicango in the US indicated that the OvaHerero and Nama people have sold their livestock in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, to travel to New York City to be in court for the appeal.
“They have no government support. We the descendants of genocide will pull our meager resources to feed them and house them. History will judge you harshly should you continue on your current path of indifference,” said Kamatuka.
He further blamed the Namibian government of being on the side of the German government and further urged the Namibian administration to support the OvaHerero and Nama people’s quest for restorative justice from Germany.
Katjiua noted that as plaintiffs, they have compiled a formidable submission and are very optimistic, while at the same time, they are careful not to risk everything on one endeavor.
“At this stage, let it be known that it is our resolve to find amicable solutions to redress the historical injustice brought about by the OvaHerero and Nama Genocide, committed by Germany,” Katjiua said.

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