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Hope for rain increases

Hope for rain increases

Niël Terblanché

THE sound of thunder in the clouds that built up over large parts of central and northern parts of the country bolstered the hope in the hearts of Namibians that rain must surely follow.
After strong winds wreaked havoc in northern Namibia, some relief came in the form of light rain showers.
In the central parts of the north, rain was reported in Oshakati.
Towards the east, Nkurenkuru, Rundu, Divundu and Mashare received light rain showers.

Further south towards Otjiwarongo, an extended shower was accompanied by hail. Farmers in the area, known as Kilo 40 north of Otjiwarongo, reported a thunder shower that was accompanied by hail.
Good rains also fell in the farming area of Kalkfeld.
Residents of Windhoek reported light showers to the south and west of the capital, while people living to the east of the capital also observed thunder and lightning accompanied by isolated light showers.
Moist air moving in over the southern part of the continent from the Indian Ocean of Mozambique could bring more rain to the north, east and central Namibia later on Friday.

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