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Windstorm damages buildings at Oniipa

Windstorm damages buildings at Oniipa

Maria David

THE Oniipa town in the Oshikoto Region hit by a windstorm that uprooted trees and electricity poles and caused extensive damage to business and residential buildings.
The roofs of several houses were blown away leaving a number of families without shelter.
The Oniipa Junior Primary School and the headquarters of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) were also badly damaged.
Oniipa constituency councillor Jerry Ngwena said that the windstorm was unprecedented.
“That was something we have not experienced before,” said Ngwena.
He said that Oniipa was hit by a windstorm in 2012 which was not of the same magnitude as that of Wednesday.
“Fortunately, no loss of life or injury was reported,” he said.
Oniipa was hit the hardest, but the windstorm also affected the neighbouring Ondangwa and the nearby Olukonda village.

Ngwena urged residents to ensure that children stay indoors and windows and doors are closed at all times as a way of mitigating the damage in the case of a re-occurrence of a windstorm.
Speaking to Informanté, Ondangwa town council spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho said that the Onguta informal settlement was one of Ondangwa’s worst affected areas.
She urged road-users to be observant as some road signs might have changed positions or might have been blown away.
“In some instances residents might experience power cuts, so they must notify NORED as soon as possible in order for the company to investigate the cause and to rectify the matter,” she said.
She also urged the residents to ensure that their house windows and doors are closed and that their vehicles are parked in garages if they have.
“If they don’t have garages, people must keep their vehicles clear off buildings, trees, walls or fences as they may fell on it and cause massive damage.”

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