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Be aware of impostor swindle

Be aware of impostor swindle

Business Reporter

FNB Namibia has issued a warning to its clients to be aware of possible imposter fraud, where someone pretends to be an employee of FNB Namibia in order to gain personal banking details to swindle people out of their hard earned cash.
FNB Namibia Forensics adviser, Ingrid Kahona-Katjiukua, that this type of impostor fraud continues unabated as the number of cases has increased.
“While many of our customers are vigilant, unfortunately there are always those who fall prey to this fraud and we wish to warn everyone to be on high alert when receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be from FNB and requesting them to perform an action on their cell phone (banking device) and or to provide confidential banking details over the phone, as this will lead to loss of their hard earned money.” Kahona-Katjiukua said.
She went on to say that the fraudsters call people at random and pose as an employee of the bank enquiring about funds that need to be released for various reasons such as apparent dividend payments, policy pay-outs, rewards for long standing customers and or system upgrades have been used as ruses to receive money.
“The call, in most cases, is placed to a landline and the customer is then requested to enter a code on their cellphone (devices or provide banking details) for release of funds or provide confidential banking details,” Kahona-Katjiukua further explained.
She therefore urged clients to rather take the caller’s details and phone the bank through their switchboard number to confirm that this is not a scam.
“Never to provide any passwords, card numbers, card expiry dates and or the number at back of card over the phone. Never adhere to an over phone instruction to visit an ATM with your ATM card, for any system update,” she further warned.
Kahona-Katjiukua concluded that the bank will never call a customer or a member of the public to release funds for dividends, policy pay-outs (system upgrades) or for any form of receiving or sending money.
“FNB Namibia does not require any ‘codes’ from a customer to release funds; nor have them to go through any steps on the cellphone (banking devices),”she said.

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