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Tragic drowning at hotel still under investigation

Tragic drowning at hotel still under investigation

Niël Terblanché

THE tragic death of the nine-year-old Ensley Esau Geingob, who drowned in the swimming pool of the De Duine Hotel in Henties Bay over the past weekend, is still under investigation.
According to Collete Arangies, who owns and runs the hotel with her husband, the victim was part of a group of four boys that came to the hotel during Sunday morning to look for a guest staying in the rooms surrounding the swimming pool where the tragedy occurred.
“Our receptionist took the boys to the back to go look for the man one of the boys claimed to be a family member. The guest was out for the day and the boys were escorted back to the front of the hotel. They started playing outside. When their conduct became to rowdy they were asked to go down to the beach and they ran off,” Arangies said.
According to Arangies the boys came back again after a while to enquire about the guest but they were told that the person informed the reception that he will be out for the day and they left.

Pictured: Guest rooms and the pool at the De Duine Hotel in Henties Bay. – Photo: Contributed

“Much later that afternoon two of the boys ran into the reception area from the back of the hotel and told the receptionist that she must come outside and help because one of the boys has drowned. She called for help and one of the guys working in the bar ran outside to help. The commotion drew a few other people and when everybody got to the pool the little boy was already laying motionless on the bottom of the pool.”
According Arangies one of the people present was a paramedic and they immediately started resuscitating him but it was too late. She said the boy had a deep gash on the back of his head and foam and blood was coming from his nose and mouth.
“We don’t know how the boys got into the pool area. They must have climbed over the boundary wall because that is the only other way they could have gotten on the premises.”
She said the pool is for the exclusive use of hotel guests and people who make special arrangements. She reiterated that the hotel policy is that children could only use the pool under adult supervision.
According to Arangies the smallest boy in the group told police officers that the 12-yearold boy pushed the victim into the water and that they all thought that the boy was joking and pretending to drown when he splashed about in the pool.
“None of the staff or guests in the front side of the hotel knew that they were back there until his friends came asking for help.”
She said the incident left all of the staff members in shock because they all knew the group of boys.
According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, Geingob was declared dead on the scene.
A case of culpable homicide was registered against the 12-year-old boy at the Henties Bay Police Station . No arrest has been made and the matter is still under investigation.

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