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Close call for German pilot in home built aircraft

Close call for German pilot in home built aircraft

Niël Terblanché

A GERMAN visitor on tour through Africa with his home built aeroplane, an Aerocanard, had a close call at the Swakopmund Aerodrome on Saturday when he taxied into some rocks and damaging the nose wheel of his aircraft.
The incident was confirmed by Mr. Theo Shilongo, the Acting Director at the Directorate of Aircraft Accident Investigations at the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Pictured: The Aerocanard aircraft that was damaged at the Swakopmund Aerodrome on Saturday. – Photo: Contributed

According to Shilongo the pilot was in the process of taxiing to the runway when the incident occurred.
“The pilot must have misjudged some distances and struck some rocks next to the taxiway. The collision damaged the nose gear of the aircraft.”
Shilongo said the damage was minimal and that the visitor and his wife did not sustain any injuries.
The strange looking aircraft drew some attention from the local flying fraternity when the pilot and his wife first arrived in Swakopmund recently.

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