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Still no arrest on City Police officer accused of Rape

Still no arrest on City Police officer accused of Rape

Zorena Jantze

A MONTH after charges were laid against a Windhoek City Police officer accused of raping a 16 year old girl, the suspect has not been arrested while the Namibian Police are still investigating thematter internally.
The Informanté earlier this month reported harrowing details of the sexual assault committed against a 16-year-old girl by a Windhoek City Police officer between March, April and May this year.
The mother at the time reported that albeit the fact that the incident happened over three months ago, her daughter, a high school student only confessed to the rape weeks later, which has resulted in a criminal case being lodged against the city police officer on 29 August 2019.

Pictured: Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas. – Photo: File

Giving an update of the status of the internal investigation, the Khomas Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas stated that a new female investigating officer has been assigned to the case after it was deduced that the victim would be more comfortable with a female.
Queried whether its normal procedure for arrests not to be effected on police officers after a case has been registered against them, Agas stated that there has been no amnesty granted as nobody is superior to the law. He however stated that with the current information gathered on the case, there is isn’t enough evidence to arrest the suspect.
“We need to gather more information on the case, we do not have a time frame on how long the investigation will take, but I believe that it will not be long,” Agas said.
In an earlier interview with the Informanté, the rape victim’s mother lamented that the Woman and Child Protection Unit of Nampol did not make any move to administer a rape kit on her daughter but only conducted a video interview with the girl.
She added that when she pushed for the arrest of the suspect, the previous investigating officer on the case said that because the incident happened two months ago, there was no rape kit administered which allows for the gathering of forensic sexual assault evidence and as such there is no direct evidence link the suspect to the case.

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