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Electricity supply to cultural festival restored

Electricity supply to cultural festival restored

Maria David

THE organizing committee for the International University Management Cultural festival has reacted to a report that a number of exhibitors at the event were complaining about acomplete lack of electricity supply.
Speaking to Informanté on Thursday afternoon, Chairperson of the Student’s Representative Council, Michael Mwashindange, said that there was no power shortage as alleged but merely electrical circuit breakers tripping.
This followed complaints that exhibitors were unhappy over the power supply at some of their stalls despite having paid for their stalls in full.
Some exhibitors even started making use of generators to ensure that they do not lose too much business.
According to Mwashindange, the electricity supply is stable and that all stalls have been sorted out.
“Despite the bad behavior by exhibitors, we have been working tirelessly to supply the electricity,” he noted.
He added that some of the exhibitors applied for stalls of food and beverages, but they ended up having a lot of ice cream machines when the existing electricity lines are not meant for such heavy loads caused power consuming machines.
The festival which started on Monday is expected to conclude on Saturday.

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