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Vulnerable children severely affected by inactive committees

Vulnerable children severely affected by inactive committees

Maria David

NEARLY 700 orphans and vulnerable children at the Tutekula Children’s Centre at Onhuno are severely affected by the inactivity of Constituencies AIDS Coordinating Committees and Regional AIDS Coordinating Committees (RACOC and CACOC) in the Ohangwena Region.
This was revealed by Project Manager Eunike Heita, during the Centre’s annual meeting, saying the inactivity of RACOC and CACOC has severely affected the centre’s capability to function successfully, making their work harder than ever.
“Those bodies were the one we normally work with in sharing of information and possible networking with international donors,” said Heita.
The Tutekula Chidren’s Centre, which caters for the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, urgently has under its care 684 children from five constituencies- Ohangwena, Okongo, Oshikango, Omulonga and Engela, of which 376 are orphans, while 313 are vulnerable.
“Although the organization has such a number of children, the organization is only able to care for 162 children of which 13 are orphans and 148 are extremely vulnerable,” She said.
Heita also pointed out that a total of 28 children have no national documents and 75 children do not receive social grants.
She explained that those without national documents is a result of their parents who also do not have any identity documents, while some fathers are nowhere to be found.
Heita stated that the centre which gives children hope for a better future is currently going through a very difficult time as some of the activities are being carried out without a steady water supply.

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