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Health ministry ordered to pay N$651K for negligence

Health ministry ordered to pay N$651K for negligence

Eba Kandovazu

THE Ministry of Health and Social Services will suffer financial losses to the tune of N$651 042 as a result of the negligence of health professionals whose inability to act and prevent further bleeding of a mother who had just given birth to a stillborn led to her subsequent death.

Milka Lopez’s initial lawsuit claim was to the tune of N$2.3 million after staff at the Walvis Bay hospital acted negligently while treating her 20-year-old daughter, Sophia Nghinamwaami, during childbirth in 2017.

VICTORIOUS: Milka Lopez, By Eba Kandovazu

Following her daughter’s death, Lopez claims that she suffered emotional shock and trauma, discomfort, loss of amenities, expenses for psychological counselling to deal with the death and funeral expenses. Her daughter was a nursing student.

Lopez further claims that Nghinamwaami died of cardiac failure as a result of a haemorrhage due to an untreated vaginal laceration.

“No evidence was led to establish that Nghinamwaami bore a duty of support towards Lopez. The evidence is only that in the eyes of her mother, she was a star among her siblings and she expected her daughter to attain great heights after graduating as a nurse.  Not meaning to be disrespectful to the feelings of Lopez, I will say that is the hope every parent has for their children. In any case, such hope is naturally too tenuous and ephemeral to put monetary value to it,” Judge Collins Parker said while delivery judgement yesterday.

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