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Oshana discuss Public Transport Bill at Ongwediva

Oshana discuss Public Transport Bill at Ongwediva

Maria David

THE Ministry of Works and Transport held a consultative meeting on the Road Public Passenger Transport Bill at Ongwediva of Oshana Region, which seeks to harmonize the transportation industry in Namibia.
Deputy Minister James Sankwasa, said that the aim of the meetings is to encourage active stakeholders to contribute to the finalization of the Bill at same time bringing inputs and innovative ideas into the process of Law making.
According to Sankwasa, the process is aimed at ensuring ownership of the envisaged New Road Public Transport Act and Regulations which is likely to enhance voluntary compliance to law comes.
“Ensuring that the Act and Regulations addresses the real needs of our Nation thus strengthening trust and social cohesion through our inclusive approach,” he said.
The Bill seeks to replace Road Transport Act 74 of 1977.
Sankwasa said that the current Road Transport Act 74 of 1977, which was partly repealed in 2001, does not support the efforts to achieve the desired goals. Although partially repealed, the section that deals with issuance of a public passenger transport permits was not repealed.
The Ministry of Works and Transport developed the Namibia Transport Policy which was publicly launched in 2018, after approval by the cabinet. The Policy outlines the new transport direction and policy for Namibia, as it lays the basis for reforms over the coming decade and beyond.
The next consultative meeting on the bill will be held at Rundu in the Kavango East Region next Thursday.

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