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Neighbour recounts gruesome murder details

Neighbour recounts gruesome murder details

Marthina Mutanga

FOR Andreas Paulus, the revelation that his neighbour would one day brutally kill his girlfriend with a pick axe and continue to burn her mutilated remains was one he never thought possible.
Paulus recounts the night his neighbours banged on his door, screaming and shouting for help and asking him to assist in extinguishing the flames that engulfed the 38-year-old Katrina Kasita’s shack.
“The suspect was not a very close friend of mine but I knew him very well. That night, he had gone out for a few drinks with friends from the neighborhood but nobody suspected anything was wrong. When the police got here, we took it upon ourselves to follow his footprints and we followed his tracks until a farm around Brakwater. It appears he had no shoes on.

Pictured: The cordoned off crime scene – Photo: Marthina Mutanga

Our suspicion is that this man killed the woman, left the scene and came back later to set the shack on fire because the fire discovery was made around 04h00, but the screams and shouting were heard around 01h00,” Paulus told Informanté.
According to the police, Kasita and her boyfriend had an argument early Sunday morning before the suspect battered her with a pickaxe and set her shack on fire with her body in it.
Kasita’s body was severely burnt, with the sharp pickaxe metal lodged in her neck. The wooden handle was destroyed in the fire.
The suspect has since been on the run.
The couple has no children together, but each of them has children from previous relationships.
According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, the incident occurred at the Nalitungwe informal settlement in Windhoek.
Shikwambi added that a case of murder was registered with the Wanaheda Police Station shortly after the incident.

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