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IUM cultural festival promotes diversity

IUM cultural festival promotes diversity

Maria David

The International University of Management (IUM) in Ongwediva launched its annual Cultural Festival on Monday.
The festival is being held at the IUM campus under the theme “Building and Promoting collaboration through culture and exhibition”, and takes place as from 23-28 September at the campus ground.
Introduced in 2012, the two events were previously celebrated apart, providing platforms for culture and business separately, but the university made a decision to merge the two as it felt they complement one another.
Officially opening the festival, Governor of Oshana Region, Elia Irimari, said that through cultural people learn to be better members of society.
“It’s very hard for a person to live without culture, it’s only through culture that human beings can live uniformly,” said Irimari, adding that culture provide a sense of belonging.
According to him, culture improve learning and people should strive to preserve it for the betterment of mankind.
“It’s very hard for a person to live without culture because it’s like an antelope at the middle of a pride of hungry lions,” said Irimari.
“Persevering our culture does not mean disrespecting other people’s cultures,” said Irimari.
He stated that it is only through culture where human beings act uniformly and live as a society. Thus, in a simple definition of culture we all agree that culture is a totality way of life of a certain given society as they live and continue to struggle against the nature.
He called on everyone to preserve their culture for betterment of their lives.
According to IUM Senior Director: Campus Coordinator, Sofia Malumbu, the festival is about commemorating the cultural differences and harmonising the diverse societies, at the same time promoting unity among different tribes.
“The word is becoming increasingly diverse and includes people of many religions, languages, economic groups, and other cultural group,” said Malumbu,
She added that thus also need to understand and appreciate other people’s cultures and establish relationships with people from cultures other than one’s culture, in order to build strong associations with different cultural groups.
She stated that despite the cultural differences, people should remain united as a nation.
Malumbu called on everyone present to appreciate other people’s cultures and not allow cultural differences to bring division in the society.

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