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Youth demands change in attitude towards climate change

Youth demands change in attitude towards climate change

Staff Reporter

YOUNG people in Namibia have staged a peaceful ‘protest’ in front of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism head office in Windhoek to air their concerns about the issue of climate change.
The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) challenged their fellow learners and young environmental activists to join them on the march.
The DHPS learners marched from their school to the Parliament Gardens where they met up with other learners from amongst others the Waldorf School, Holy Cross Convent and Delta and continued on to the MET head office in Windhoek.

The group participated in the FridaysforFuture global strike and approached the environment ministry with a petition in which they stipulated their ‘demands’.
Dressed in costumes representing the earth and its environment the leaders of the group handed a petition to Freddy Sikabongo, the Acting Environmental Commissioner in which they demanded more visible action from the authorities and the ministry in particular, in climate change related matters.
Upon receiving the petition Sikabongo committed to look into the concerns of the group and will revert at an appropriate time.
MET spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, said they are excited to see young people taking initiatives in environmental and climate change issues, which are generally viewed as boring and insignificant.
“We encourage more initiatives like this from young people and more involvement in environmental issues,” stated Muyunda.
The aim of these demonstrations that was organized worldwide under the hashtag FridaysforFuture is to raise awareness the public but more specifically the government to push for a sustainable future.

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