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“Namibian children vulnerable online” – Nghipondoka 

“Namibian children vulnerable online” – Nghipondoka 

Aili Iilonga

THE Deputy Minister of Education, Art and Culture Ester Nghipondoka has said that despite children embracing the use of technology, which is an integral part of the school system, Namibian children are exposed to inappropriate content thus becoming vulnerable to violence.

She was speaking at the National Conference on Child online protect, where she stated that a lot still needs to be done in order to make the internet a safer place for children.

The ministry launch a “responding to sexual violence in schools” manual , which is aimed at providing schools and educators information about violence against children, specifically sexual violence and online sexually exploitation.

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She said the education ministry has collaborated with UNICEF to develop training manuals for education to build capacity and identify possible cases of abuse of their learners and equip the learners with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves from abuse.

“Children in Namibia are highly vulnerable to the various forms of violence, exploitation and abuse on the internet. The use of information communication technology has created opportunities for children to learn and access information, but at the same time, pose significant risks to children’s rights and expose children to abuse and exploitation both online and offline,” she said.

Nghipondoka added that children expose themselves by posting personal information, which perpetrators can take advantage off.

“All this information can be used to take advantage by devious people who target young children and sometimes our children unknowingly become the target and victims of pornography, kidnapping, rape, deception, drug mules, or even child trafficking by the adult predator or cybercriminals,” she concluded.

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