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Oukwanyama and Ondonga monarchs formally bury the hatchet

Oukwanyama and Ondonga monarchs formally bury the hatchet

Placido Hilukilwa

NEVER again shall the Ovakwanyama and Aandonga – the two biggest traditional communities of Ovawambo – allow anybody to create friction between them, said King Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo of Ondonga when he paid a courtesy call to Queen Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu of Oukwanyama on Saturday.
Nangolo emphasized harmonious co-existence and good neighborliness.
“We are one people. Let us work together and let our cooperation flow like a stream that never dries up,” said Nangolo whose reconciliatory statement is to be understood against the backdrop of the protracted tribal border dispute between the Oukwanyama and the Ondonga Traditional Authorities that many observers believed was instigated by obscure outside forces.
The dispute that started in the early 2000s was only resolved in 2015 when the High Court decided in favor of Oukwanyama.

Video: Dancing at the historic royal meeting. – Footage: Contributed

Nangolo, who was crowned Ondonga king earlier this year following the death of King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, described his visit to the Omhedi Palace as historic.
Addressing Queen Nelumbu, Nangolo said: “People say that I am King Elifas’ orphan. That is true that King Elifas is no longer with us, but you are there for me. With you I am reassured that I am in good hands.”
He urged the traditional leaders of Ondonga and Oukwanyama in particular and the whole country in general to avoid conflict.
He acknowledged that that anywhere human beings are there is bound to be disagreements. However, he said that such disagreements should not be allowed to degenerate into conflict.
Nangolo was accompanied by a strong delegation that included his espouse, Queen Adelheid, and senior traditional councilors Joseph Asino, Vilho Kamanya, Annely Mbumba, Shondili Amutenya, John Walenga Walenga and others.
Receiving the guests, Queen Nelumbu retracted the good relations that historically existed between Ovakwanyama and Aandonga.
Newly-appointed senior headman Hadino Hishongwa thanked the two monarchs for emphasizing the fraternal relations and cooperation.
“Your speeches healed us. You have given us a roadmap and as traditional leaders we feel that we are now under orders to implement what was said here,” he said.

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