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We will not protect criminals – Kanime

We will not protect criminals – Kanime

Zorena Jantze

THE Chief of the Windhoek City Police, Abraham Kanime, categorically stated that an officer accused of rape will not be protected by City Police and added that the organisation cannot tolerate the unprofessional or criminal conduct of the accused person who has been able to evade arrest for nearly three weeks.

Informanté reported over the weekend that a Windhoek City Police officer stands accused of raping a 16-year-old girl between the months of March and May this year.

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: The Chief of the Windhoek City Police, Abraham Kanime. Photo: Contributed.

The victim’s mother accused the Namibia police where she registered the case of protecting their colleague as no arrest was made nearly a month after the matter was brought to the attention of the police.

“We only learned about the rape incident involving a city police officer on Friday when investigators from the Namibian Police reported the matter to Superintended Drussella Awases of the Professional Standard Section. We do not tolerate unprofessional conduct, once it is reported, we will take immediate action,” he said.

The city’s police chief further stated that the community has the right to report any matter to the City Police so that appropriate action can be taken because it has an impact on the image of the organisation.

Asked whether it is normal procedure for City Police officials to evade arrest for weeks on end after a case was registered, Kanime answered that he is not at liberty to comment on the subject as the matter is being investigated by NamPol.

“I don’t want to talk on behalf of the investigators on the case, however, when it comes to crimes of this nature, it is necessary to expedite the process. We need to tend to this case as fast as possible so that the victim or complainant has a feeling of safety. It is not only because of the integrity of the organisation but also for the victim’s benefit. Most survivors of GBV and rape go through traumatic experiences,” Kanime said.

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