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Family haunted by demon

Family haunted by demon

Maria David

A FAMILY of three at Omulilo Village in the Onyaanya constituency of the Oshikoto Region live in fear for their lives and has for the past week vacated their homestead to live under a tree in their fields after they have been harassed by a demon or evil spirits over the past year.
Speaking to Informanté at the village on Thursday, 88-year-old Daniel Shinghole, said the demon or spirit attacks in a form of a young man throwing objects at members of his family. He described the demon as a ghost.

He said that the trouble with the angry spirit started with them earlier this year when it started making noise by hitting on top of the roof and on the side parts of the family’s main bedroom. Shinghole said the evil spirit always attacks them each evening at exactly 19:00.
“Since last Thursday the situation became worse when it touched two of our huts and continued doing that for the entire day. As a result we have thus far suffered the loss of six huts,” Shinghole pointed out.
According to him, the family was left with only one hut and when the demon touched that hut, they decided to move to the tree in the field where they normally plant their crops. He went on to that his family fears of their lives and because of that they vacated their homestead and has been living under the tree for the past week.
Shinghole indicated that the family’s bedding had also been touched by the demon and they had also suffered the theft of two of their chickens and some food items at the hands of the ghost.
“It is threatening and harassing us so much and therefore we wish somebody to come forth to rescue us,” appealed Shinghole.
The family fears the evil spirit so much that they have considered abandoning their property and moving to another place just to find a safe place away from the demon.

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