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Namibian youth not interested in indigenous culture

Namibian youth not interested in indigenous culture

Placido Hilukilwa

WE live in what is known as a ‘global village’. It is therefore not entirely wrong to appreciate and embrace other people’s cultures, but it is utterly wrong to do so while disregarding and neglecting your own culture.
This was said by Mateus Kaula, the leader of the Ombede Cultural Group.
The 16-member group specializes in showcasing traditional wear, traditional dance and songs of Ovawambo and drama as well as the Ovawambo folklore.

READY TO GO: Mateus Kaula demonstrating the traditional outfit of a young man on the way to the cattle post. Photo: Contributed.

Kaula said that, although based in the Ohangwena Region, his group has already travelled to other regions of the country upon invitation and did even participate in a cultural festival in Luanda, Angola, two years ago.
“Our aim is to rekindle the interest in cultural activities,” he said.
According to him there is among the Namibian youth a noticeable lack of interest in indigenous culture, but those same youths demonstrate a extraordinary enthusiasm in embracing foreign cultures.
“For example,” he said, “very few of our youth today know the traditional wear and outfit for a cattle herder when on the way to the cattle post let alone the do’s and dont’s for young people under a variety of circumstances.”
Kaula said that his group’s next performance is expected to be at an event at Ongwediva on 1 November upon the invitation of deputy minister Ana Nghipondoka.

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