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Efforts to fight illegal fishing in Zambezi doubled

Efforts to fight illegal fishing in Zambezi doubled

Marthina Mutanga

THE Ministry of Enviroment and Tourism (MET) has joined an operation by the Namibian Police at Lake Liambezi to crack down on illegal fishing activities perpetrated by Namibians and foreigners.
MET spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda said the operation is ongoing, and so far fishing nets and fishing items are being confiscated and burned.

There is a large market for freshwater fish from the rivers in the Zambezi Region at Kasumbalesa, a border town between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, which is said to be driving foreigners to flock to the Zambezi Region in large numbers in search of fish.
Foreigners often camp for days on small islands that are dotted all over the lake, in makeshift structures to catch huge quantities of fish, which they transport to their countries at the expense of locals.
According to information obtained from the police at Lake Liambezi, crews on some of the boat patrols find it difficult to detect suspects in these isolated islands as the water is said to be too shallow in some areas to approach the islands.

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