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Critically wounded victim of GBV fighting for her life

Critically wounded victim of GBV fighting for her life

Staff Reporter

EARLIER reports that the 39-year-old Paula Rebeiro succumbed to her wounds at the Ongwediva Medipark Hospital after she was shot by her husband, Manuel ‘Maneli’ Rebeiro, 41, on Friday afternoon are inaccurate.
Paula is reportedly still fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the private hospital in Ongwediva after her husband shot her once through the head.
“It is not looking good because the bullet went through her eye and head, but we remain hopeful that she will keep fighting and make a full recovery,” said a relative of Paula, who opted not to be named.
After shooting his wife in their Ongwediva home, Manuel committed suicide by shooting himself with the same weapon.
Although the motive of the well-known club owner from Ongwediva is not yet clear, those close to the couple claim that Manuel became physically confrontational when he found two male maintenance workers at his home that were called in by his wife to fix broken appliances at the couple’s home.

“He threatened to kill the service providers before demanding that they leave. He then started physically abusing Paula in front of her cousin and when she tried to stop the fight, he also threatened to kill her and told her to leave if she doesn’t want to die,” the relative added.
Before the only remaining eye witness could call for help, she reportedly heard two gunshots and turned back to see what had happened.
In the house she found both Manuel and Paula lying in a pool of blood.
Paula was rushed to the Ongwediva MediPark hospital in critical condition, while Manuel was declared dead at the crime scene.
Onlookers gathered on the street outside the house to watch police remove the body of Manuel, who is the owner of the Ongwediva Grand Pub, as news of the brutal attack on his wife and his suicide spread through the small community.
Eyewitness at the scene stated that they heard three gun shots, before rushing to the scene.
The couple have two children together.
The police investigation into the matter will continue.

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