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Direct action minimises weekend crime

Direct action minimises weekend crime

Niël Terblanché

JOINT tactical operations by members if the Namibian Security Cluster during phase 2 of Operation Kalahari Desert in several towns resulted in calm weekend for the Erongo Region.
According to the Community Affairs Commander of the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, Warrant Officer Ileni Shapumba joint and simultaneous Kalahari Desert Operations were conducted in Walvisbay, Swakopmund, Karibib and Omaruru.
He said that about ten okapi knives and one pistol were confiscated during the operation. The owner of the pistol in Mondesa did not have his licence with him which resulted in his gun being taken from him.

Two people were charged for possession of drugs, ten people were charged for traffic violations, and several liquor outlets were visited where some owners were given a final warning for playing loud music with loud speakers on outside of the establishments.
One person was stabbed with sharp object at the time of closing at a local shebeen in Mondesa and another person was stabbed with knife in Narraville during an incident of domestic violence.
“We warn those still carrying knives on streets to stop doing so. The police are on the ground and there is no need to carry knives for protection. If people are planning to rob others by using knives, we will rob them off those knives legally!”
According to Warrant Officer Shapumba several on-the-spot searches were conducted on people and vehicles during temporary roadblocks, ambushes and other tactical anti crime operations.
In the same vein Warrant Officer Shapumba issued a serious warning to any person who buys stolen items which includes certain second hand goods dealers who continues buying goods without verifying its origin properly with the sellers. He said such transactions promote housebreaking and theft.
He extended the call for complete order at liquor outlets and implored people who use alcohol to exercise responsible drinking.
“Alcohol related crimes are still our main concern in locations such as Kuisebmond and Mondesa while Economic crime and housebreaking continues to disturb the townships in general. Let us secure our homes and keep an eye on each other’s property.
He also urged road users to adhere to the road rules, ensure your vehicle fitness before undertaking a trip and drive within a prescribed speed limit.
“We remind road users to pay special caution when driving on the road between Arandis and Usakos, the road is little bit narrow at certain places and dangerous where the road edges are broken.”
Warrant Officer Shapumba said what is especially worrisome is the death of children during motor vehicle accidents referring to the incident where four female members of the same family died as a result of an accident between Usakos and Arandis. He added that statistics reflect that four children died 45 days on the roads in the Erongo Region.
“We encourage the use of car seats for children to become a priority. However we understand it might be challenge in public transports but the practice of transporting children on the laps of adults has to be avoided. We should all help the kids to become the future not a memory.”
Members from the Namibian Police, Namibian Defence Force, Correctional Services, Municipal Traffic and civilian protection groups participated in the successful operation. Other stations in the region conducted normal month end operations. He added that all the combined actions resulted in a relatively calm weekend with a definite suppression of crime in Kuisebmond.
“The Namibian Police in the Erongo Region expresses its gratitude to the public for their general conduct because through cooperation we are indeed achieving social order.

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