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Counterfeiter arrested with state owned property

Counterfeiter arrested with state owned property

Niël Terblanché

COMPUTER equipment and other electronic devices used to steal the banking details of unsuspecting people were confiscated by police during the execution of Operation Kalahari Desert in Tsumeb when they raided a house in the Nomtsoub suburb of the mining town.
According to the report about the incident provided by the Public Relations division of the Namibian Police a 32-year-old man was arrested after the counterfeiting equipment was found in his possession. The suspect was subsequently charged with possession or use of an instrument/device intended for use in forging/falsifying a payment instrument or for use in defrauding a lawful holder of a payment instrument and unlawful possession of state owned property.
The charge of unlawful possession of state owned property stems from a date stamp belonging to the Namibian Police in Tsumeb that was also found among the electronic equipment.
“An employee of Ohorongo Cement in Tsumeb was found in possession of an ATM card cloning device, a smart scan or card flashing device, five micro SIM card cutters, two laptop computers, a scanner, two hard-drives, one police date stamp from Tsumeb Police Station, several ATM cards and SIM cards of which some was used and others still new.”
The suspect was rounded up and arrested by members of the joint crime combating force participating in Operation Kalahari Desert.
In a separate incident a resident of the Omehenene Village in the Onesi constituency of the Omusati Region was arrested when he was found with N$400 in counterfeit bank notes in his possession. The suspect also had 690 grams of dagga valued at N$6 900 in his possession when he was arrested.
The 33-year-old suspect was charged with possession of prohibited dependence producing drugs, dealing in illicit drugs and possession of counterfeit currency which is a contravention of Section 25 of the Bank Act 15/1977.
The suspect, a resident of Oshadjamwenyo location in Ruacana, made his first appearance on the charges in the Outapi Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

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