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Horrific crash caused by eroded road shoulders

Horrific crash caused by eroded road shoulders

Niël Terblanché & Eba Kandovazo

A COLLISION between a small hatchback car and a heavy transport truck about 30 kilometres from Arandis on the road between the mining town and Usakos claimed the lives of six people while a seventh person was transported to hospital in a critical condition.
Erongo Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu confirmed that four adults and two toddlers died on the scene of the accident and that a fifth adult was critically injured.
The crash occurred after the driver of a yellow Toyota Paso on his way to Arandis lost control over the small passenger vehicle after its wheels went off the road surface where the shoulder of the road has been eroded away to dangerous levels.

It is suspected that the small car started swerving between the truck and a roadside barrier before it crashed sideways into the front of the truck travelling in the direction of Usakos. Because of the barrier the driver had only the road and the shoulder to manoeuvre which left him no space to avoid the crash.
The impact of the crash flung the smaller vehicle with its occupants over the barrier and into the road reserve beyond. Accept for the person entrapped in the wreck all other occupants were thrown out of the car.
According to a first responder on the scene of the tragic accident the victim that survived the crash had to be cut from the wreck with the Jaws of Life by members of the emergency services before the patient was transported to hospital for emergency medical treatment.
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu indicated that the driver, a man, three women and two little girls died on the scene.
The surviving victim was identified as Rosalia Mwedihanga and she was taken to a hospital in Swakopmund.

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