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Celebrate culture – Nujoma

Celebrate culture – Nujoma

Maria David
CELEBRATING culture values and norms remains the corner stone of ensuring Namibian have become a country of diversity, this followed the call by Founding President Sam Nujoma during the official opening of the Olufuko Annual Cultural Festival.
Nujoma said that traditional authorities in Namibia must always celebrate cultural festivals such as Olufuko, Omagongo, Oshipe and others without fear, saying it is guaranteed in Article 19 of the Namibian Constitution.
“Article 19 of the Namibian Constitution, under chapter 3 on fundamental human rights and freedom, provides for every Namibian to enjoy, practice, profess, maintain and promote his or her culture, language, tradition or religious,” noted Nujoma.
Nujoma, who is also the patron of the festival, believes Olufuko demonstrates consistency and growth for being hosted for the 8th this year and as such commended the host Outapi Town Council and its preparatory committee for continuing with the event each year.
He at the same time urged the girls partaking in the festival’s initiation to finish their education, adding that Olufuko is only to help them to become responsible citizens who are aware of their cultural norms and values.
Nujoma told those present that the nation is mindful that the youth are future leaders and have to be educated in order to become professionals such as engineers, medical doctors, scientists, pilots, lawyers, teachers, agriculturalists and geologists.
Speaking at the same event, Minister in the Presidency, Martin Andjaba said promotion and preservation of culture and tradition through events like Olufuko is important for a nation.
“It is through events like this, that we are informed about where we came from and who we are,” Andjaba said, adding that Namibia, as a nation thriving on and drawing strength from its rich cultural diversity, it is important that citizens maintain their culture and traditions that define them as Namibian people.
The Minister pointed out that cultures and traditions within a diverse communities of the country give them the Namibian identities.
The 2019 Olufuko event kicked off on Wednesday and runs until 1 September.
A total of 63 girls from different traditional authorities of the Omusati Region are to be initiated during the event.

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