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Sad start to long weekend as seven people die in accidents

Sad start to long weekend as seven people die in accidents

Niël Terblanché
THE death of seven people as a result of four separate motor vehicle accidents on the main roads of Namibia earlier on Thursday set an ominous tone for the Heroes’ Day long weekend.
Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, confirmed the accidents and said the deaths of the seven people are very upsetting.
“This is a problem because as law enforcement we were aiming to for a weekend with zero deaths on the country’s roads. Nobody wants to spend the long weekend mourning the death of loved ones and the nation does not want to see many deaths on the roads on one day.”

In this regard General Ndeitunga advised all citizens that are going away for the long weekend to be considerate towards others on the road and to respect the traffic rules.
“The road network of Namibia is not private road, it is public road used by all travelers. This includes Namibians and visitors to the country and we need to make sure that we create conducive environment of safety and security for everybody.”
He said that he would like to see that no more lives are lost as a result of motor vehicle accidents. He said people should plan their trips properly and if possible to take off early and drive early to avoid congestion on the roads especially those travelling to the North for the various events that is happening over the weekend.
“People should think of the children that are travelling with them and protect them at all costs.”
He referred to four different vehicle accidents that occurred about a thousand kilometers apart in the north and the south of the country.
According to General Ndeitunga four people died in the first two accidents that occurred almost at the same time between Otjiwarongo and Otavi and between Otavi and Tsumeb.
Later on Thursday evening it was reported that three more people died in two separate accidents that also occurred minutes apart on the road between Bethanie and Keetmanshoop and Keetmanshoop and Grunau.
During the first incident between Bethanie and Keetmanshoop two people passed away on the scene and three other occupants were injured while one person died and two others were injured during the incident about 110 kilometers outside Keetmanshoop on the way to Grunau.

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