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Whale rescue abandoned

Whale rescue abandoned

Video: Young and old gathered on Independence Beach n Walvis Bay at sunset to look at a whale that stranded itself earlier on Wednesday. All efforts to rescue the whale have been abandoned. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

Niël Terblanché
AS the sun went down on Wednesday evening, all efforts to rescue the whale that came into shore at Independence Beach in Walvis Bay earlier during the day have been abandoned.
Volunteers spent hours in the water trying to get the whale to turn and swim back to the open ocean after it stranded itself in the shallow water off the beach.
Even as the sun set a large crowd of people was still gathered on the beach to look at the whale where it lay in the waves about 15 metres from the shore.
Some of the people on the beach travelled from Swakopmund to see the whale while it was still alive.
Some bystanders expressed the hope that the animal will find the will and strength to return to the sea and others were concerned about what would happen if the whale dies.
The animal’s head was turned towards the open ocean and still alive but seemed unable or unwilling to swim back to where it came from.

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