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Extreme measures in desperate situation

Extreme measures in desperate situation

Footage: Contributed

Gert Jacobie
THIS farmer, said to be from the Aranos-district of the Kalahari, is raiding the communal nests of weaver birds to feed his stock.
The videographer in the background explains in Afrikaans the food from above is feeding the hoofs on the ground where there is nothing left to eat.
Large parts of the commercial farming area looks like the farm in the video and according to Henriëtte le Grange or the care organisation, Namibia Boere Droogtehulp, farmers often communicate the dire situation they are in with her and she had to handle extreme cases of depression and talk of suicide at various times.
Her organisation has collected and forked out more than N$2,5 million already, supplying drought aid to farmers around the country.
The Dare to Care organisation, an initiative or the two farmers’ unions in Namibia, has build a war chest of nearly N$10 million that reaches out to farmers through subsidised fodder and feeds distributed through retail outlets.
Government likewise supply fodder and feeds to the needy, and supplement government efforts distributing food to registered starving communities.

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