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Unclaimed bodies buried

Unclaimed bodies buried

Maria David
SEVEN unclaimed bodies of people, who died in the Oshakati State Hospital between 2015 and 2017, were buried in a mass grave at the Oshakati Municipal Cemetery, with two more expected to be buried later this week.
The hospital and town council had tried in vain getting the families of the deceased to claim and bury the bodies.
The cost of the mass funeral on Tuesday afternoon was borne by the Oshakati Town Council assisted by Ministry of Health and Social Services and the AvboB funeral undertakers.
The deceased persons which were interred are Amutenya Thomas, Teofelus Shindjala, Kuiinatya Tjikambi, Sandu Hendrick, Tileinge Johannes, Kaparu Hilongua and Toivo Lukas.
“We tried to allocate the deceased persons’ relatives through the Namibian Police, Home Affairs and all other possible means, but no one came forth,” said Kornelius Kapolo, the public health and environment manager for council.
According to Kapolo, council budgeted about N$40 000 for burying unclaimed bodies, however, they wait for the bodies to accumulate in the morgue before the do any mass burial.
So far this is the third time council has managed to bury unclaimed bodies. In 2014 the local authority buried 11 unclaimed bodies and in 2016 the number had increased to 16 bodies that were buried by them.

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