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People dying at home concerns police

People dying at home concerns police

Placido Hilukilwa
THE spokesperson of the Namibian Police in the Ohangwena Region, Warrant Officer Abner Kaume Itumba said that they are concerned about the increased frequency of elderly and infirm people dying at home either after defaulting on treatment or because of lack of proper care from relatives.
He said that many such deaths were reported to the police in recent months and gave details of the latest four incidents.
He said that 52-year-old Omapumba village resident, Iyambo Jeremia, was ill for some time and was supposed to go to the Oshakati intermediate hospital for a follow-up on 2 July but defaulted. He died at home on 6 August.
Lonia Nghifikwa, a sickly octogenarian resident of the Onengali-2 village, was found dead in her sleeping room on 5 August, while the 78-year-old Ruli Salomo who was discharged from hospital on 25 July, died at home in the Okahauyulu village three days later.
In another incident, Ndapewoshali Debbie Shali (47) died at home on 22 July. She was found dead in the sitting room of the Eeshoke village residence of Tileinge Andima, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA).
Her health passport revealed that she was unwell and went to hospital for treatment earlier that same day.
Itumba said that even though those are natural deaths, something can be done by relatives of the elderly and the infirm to ensure that the infirm go for medical follow up and that the elderly are properly taken care of at home.

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