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Becker disappointed by Hanse-Himarwa sentence

Becker disappointed by Hanse-Himarwa sentence

Eba Kandovazu
THE former Chief of Investigation and Prosecution at the Anti-Corruption Commission has expressed disappointment in the High Court for slapping former education minister with a mere N$50 000 fine for corruption.
Nelius Becker, whose last day with the commission was on the same day that the former was sentenced in the High Court, expressed in an interview with Informanté that the fine is a slap in the face of justice, saying that Katrina Hanse-Himarwa could have gotten a stiffer punishment.

Pictured: Nelius Becker – Photo: Contributed

“The thing about corruption is that it has no deterrence. If you look at models of successes for corruption commissions around the world, you will notice that they are successful because of the heavy sentences that the suspects get and because of the strong messages that come with heavy sentences to the greater public,” Becker said.
After the ruling, Becker took to his Facebook and wrote: “Today after attending court I am reminded of George Orwell who said in his novel “Animal Farm”, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” I was reminded as to why this is my last day of work at the ACC… A big precedent was set here today that will haunt all future cases (sic).”
Becker has been appointed as Commissioner of the Crime Investigation Division of the Namibian Police.
The decision to leave the ACC is not marred by ‘something sinister’, he said, adding that he is looking for a career that he enjoys and that stimulates him.
Becker previously worked with Nampol for 23 years and has been with the ACC for 12 years.
“I just want change and a field I am comfortable with” Becker concluded.

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