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Stop asking Government for help – Kapofi

Stop asking Government for help – Kapofi

Maria David
MINISTER of Home Affairs and Immigration Frans Kapofi, said that Namibian should stop asking for help from the government every time and start finding ways for themselves.
Kapofi made the remarks while speaking at the official opening of the 12th edition of Eenhana Business Expo held on Wednesday.
According to him, people should start taking their education serious in order to not depend on the government for help.
He stated that many of the youth are currently focusing on unproductive activities and consume too much alcohol, mostly tombo, which he said hampers youth development and many are becoming nobodies.
Kapofi added that many of the school going youth do not want to study and only looks on the government to bail them out.
“You are drinking a lot and don’t want to study. Abusing of alcohol has a negative influence in the society,” said Kapofi, adding that education is the key and people should stop complaining that government can’t see them.
He urged them to focus on their education in order to be successful people and move away from the trend of being only social media youths.

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