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Reckless drivers cause bloody weekend

Reckless drivers cause bloody weekend

Zorena Jantze

SEVERAL Namibians lost their lives after being mowed down by reckless drivers over the weekend.

While Namibians are still shell-shocked over the death of Danelle Mouton, 11, who was run over by a 4- year-old female driver who was intoxicated and ran into Mouton’s shack in Kuvukiland, Rehoboth, the Namibian Police has reported that more people either died or are fighting for their loves after being bumped by vehicles. 

The most recent of those deaths include an unidentified male who was reportedly run over by a bus on Monday, 29 July. 

Pictured: picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

It is alleged that the deceased was walking across the road and tried to run back after he saw that the bus was near him. The incident took place at about 06:05 on the Otjomuise road, opposite Kandali Flats. Police investigations continue. 

In another incident, Friday, 26 July 2019, at around 14:38 along the road between Omungwelume and Oshikuyu village in the Omusati region, a boy aged 8 was also  bumped by a white Nissan Tiida and sustained serious injuries to the head. 

It is alleged that the victim ran into the road. The victim was rushed to the Engela State Hospital for treatment and was later transferred to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital for further treatment.

On the same day, an hour earlier, another victim, identified as a 17-year-old male learner at Joseph Simaneka Senior Seconday School, was hit by a vehicle and sustained serious injuries. 

It is alleged that the victim also ran towards the road after he was chased by other schoolmates and in the process, the vehicle bumped him. 

In another incident in Windhoek, on Saturday 27 July at about 13:52, a male person identified as Leobora Shalongo Simeon, 56, was fatally bumped by a vehicle which was driving on the B1 road outside Windhoek near Harmony Centre. 

It is alleged that the deceased was trying to cross the road at the time of the incident. His next of kin are informed and police investigations continue.

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