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Rehoboth mourns the death of little girl

Rehoboth mourns the death of little girl

Niël Terblanché
SHORTLY before a memorial service was to be held for the 11-year-old Danelle Mouton at a church in Rehoboth on Sunday afternoon, the person responsible for her tragic death, a 48-year-old woman, handed herself over to police in town.

Pictured: Danelle and her mother Ingred Mouton. The destroyed single roomed shack they stayed in. Photo: Contributed

Danelle lived with her mother in a shack in the Kuvukiland informal neighbourhood of Rehoboth. Her parents fell on hard times and her father recently took his own life leaving her and her mother Ingred behind to fend for themselves.
Despite all the troubles, Danelle was an avid Karateka who was literally fighting her way out of the hardship she found herself in. She recently earned a medal with her sport at the Karate Zen Championships.
Hardap Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Eric Clay, confirmed that the person responsible for Danelle’s death handed herself over to the police in Rehoboth on Sunday Afternoon after running away from the scene of the tragedy late on Saturday afternoon.
Members of the Kuvukiland community said that the suspect, a 48-year-old woman had three other people with her in the vehicle when the tragedy occurred.

“The woman who drove the car, her husband and a third person fled the scene of the accident. The fourth person was still sleeping in one of the passenger seats of the car while emergency workers attempted to resuscitate little Danelle who was trapped under the car,” one of the bystander said.

Pictured: Skid marks in the street indicate that the drunken driver of the car lost control over the vehicle before causing the tragedy. Photo: Contributed

Hundreds of people gathered at the scene of the tragedy shortly after it happened and told the investigating officers that Danelle and a few other children were playing in the street when the woman driver lost control of the car and ended up destroying the single roomed shack.

According to the initial police report about the tragedy the children saw the speeding car coming in their direction and that it was out of control. They fled for their lives but Danelle was hit by the drunken driver despite her best efforts to flee to safety.
“The car was moving at a very high speed and was definitely out of control because it was veering from side to side. The driver almost crashed into a tree next to the street before driving through the boundary fences of three houses and crashing into the tiny shack. The car struck Danelle and eventually ended up on top of her causing her instantaneous death,” one of the emergency workers said.
The 48-year-old woman was charged with culpable homicide, reckless and negligent driving as well failing to stop at the scene of an accident to assist the victim.

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