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Urgent solution needed for people scavenging on dumpsite

Urgent solution needed for people scavenging on dumpsite

Marthina Mutanga
MORE than 60 people of who most are children are staying on the rubbish dump on the outskirts of Otjiwarongo after abandoning all hope of surviving in any other way.
The people living and surviving on the dumpsite that is situated about six kilometers east of town near a Namibian Defence Force base have even started to put up rudimentary shacks to be closer to the only source of food.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Otjiwarongo Municipality, Ismael /Howoseb said that the local authority has erected a fence and sewage ponds to prohibit people and animals from entering the premises.
“These people have decided to stay here and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare tried to locate these children’s parents or relatives but they have failed because some of this people don’t even have identity documents.”
/Howoseb said these people have erected some shacks to stay near the dumpsite because they know what they can get in terms of food when certain companies or business dump their rubbish at the site.
“We are currently trying to come up with a solution to help the people there. One plan is to create jobs at the dumpsite that would see them recycling waste materials so we can sell them at the recycling companies,” said /Howoseb.
He said accidents do happen at the site and it is unfortunate that the municipality cannot control these people and force them to stay away..
Eddy Kgobetsi, Chairperson of the Omake Charity Organisation said that volunteers from the organization sometime feed the homeless people at the Otjiwarongo Dumpsite during soup days made possible with sponsorships from the Roundtable Namibia, Virmos and Namib Mills.
Kgobesti said they fed around 40 children and 20 adults during the last soup day. He indicated that the next Soup day is scheduled for 27 July at New Ombili Informal settlement in Otjiwarongo and that B2Gold Namibia will be their sponsor for the event.

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