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Dippenaar murder trial will continue in September

Dippenaar murder trial will continue in September

Niël Terblanché
THE murder trial of Jandré Dippenaar in the Swakopmund Regional Court was postponed until September this year at the conclusion of the cross examination of the officer, who was responsible for investigating the horror crash in which six people lost their lives at the end of December 2014.
Detective Warrant Officer Paula Havenga had to answer on how she managed the investigation with regards to a second drawing of the accident scene by a Scene of Crime officer that differed radically from any other sketches made of the accident scene.

Pictured: Johan Joubert who might be called to testify for a second time in Jandré Dippenaar’s murder trial. Photo: Niël Terblanché

Advocate Louis Botes, put it to Warrant Officer Havenga that the Scene of Crime officer indicated on his sketch that the point of impact was more than 55 metres away from where any other person had indicated it to be. He requested the witness to give an explanation how such a discrepancy could be allowed to enter the case docket to which Warrant Officer Havenga had no satisfactory answer.
He put it to the witness that she never drew any of her superior officers’ attention to the discrepancy and that she never took any steps to tell the Scene of Crime officer that his measurements were completely wrong.
The sate did not call any other witnesses after the short re-examination of Warrant Officer Havenga. The state indicated that it intends to call four more witnesses and also informed Magistrtate Gaynor Poulton that they would bring an application to recall Johan Joubert, one of the state’s expert witnesses, to the stand to testify on a certain aspect of his report.
Magistrate Poulton postponed the matter to the week of 16 – 20 September this year for continuation of the trial.

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