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Russian Federation donates to feeding program

Russian Federation donates to feeding program

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Aili Iilonga

THE Namibian School Feeding programme received a hefty donation of wheat and oil from the Russian Federation to the value of 1.5 million US dollars.

During the handovering ceremony held today in Windhoek, Ambassador of Russian Federation to Namibia, Valerii Utkin, said that the donation would assist in complementing the fortified maize blend that the Ministry provides to learners, thus bringing diversity in school meals under the Namibian School Feeding Programme where close to 129,000 learners in over 300 schools are benefitting from.

The items, which will be processed and packaged into pasta by Namib Mills, will be distributed to regions that are most hit by the drought.

Accepting the donation, Deputy Executive Director for Formal Education in the Ministry, Charles Kabajani, said that the ministry has adopted and introduced a School Feeding Policy that will help streamline and strengthen the implementation of the school programme.

“The ministry is assessing the possibility of diversifying school meals to include locally produced food purchased from smallholder farmers to increase nutrition intake of food by learners,” he said.

He also said that, with over 300 schools benefiting from the programme, the ministry is cognisant of the Zero Hunger strategy that plays an important social safety net programme.

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