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Police arrested 177 on drug charges in June

Police arrested 177 on drug charges in June

Niël Terblanché
THE relentless fight against the proliferation of illegal and dangerous drugs saw the confiscation more than N$1,3 million worth of illicit substances during the month of June.
According to a statement issued by the head of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi the drugs were confiscated during the arrest if 117 people. The arrests are the result of a sustained campaign to root out all drug dealers from communities all over Namibia.

Pictured: Karas Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Chrispen Mubebo at the incinerator where N$9 million worth of illicit drugs have been destroyed. Photo: Contributed

“In the process the Namibian Police seized drugs valued at N$1 304 940 1 to 31 June 2019. Among the arrested persons were 97 Namibian nationals, six Angolans, three Burundians, eight Congolese, one Tanzanian and two Zambian nationals.”
According to the statement members of the police confiscated 74, 8 kilograms of cannabis (dagga) worth N$747 930, 21 dagga plants worth N$210, 405 Mandrax tablets worth N$4 8600, 917, 4 grams of cocaine powder worth N$458 700, seven cocaine bullets worth N$24 500, a 115 pieces of crack cocaine worth N$11 500 and 27 illicit abortion tablets worth N$13 500-00.
“Dealing in drugs is a crime and members of all communities are requested to report drug dealers at the nearest station.
In the meantime the Namibian Police in the Kharas Region destroyed N$9 million worth of illegal drugs.
According to the Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Chrispen Mubebo some of the drugs have been held in police custody as evidence in court cases since 1994.
He said the drugs that were destroyed in an incinerator were held by the police as evidence in various different drug trials in the local courts. Some of the cases date back as far as 1994 and as recently as 2016.
Deputy Commissioner Mubebo said court exhibits can only be destroyed after a criminal case is finalised and the convicted person has spent at least a year in prison. The convicted person can appeal within a year and those drugs or exhibits should then still be available to be presented at court.

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