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More funds needed for servicing land

More funds needed for servicing land

Maria David
THE Tsumeb Municipal Council will continue to forge partnership at every level that will add value to the economy of the town and the region at large.
Oshikoto Regional governor Henock Kankoshi, made this remarks during his State of the Region (SORA) address recently.
Kankoshi stated that more funding from Government for land servicing for delivery of affordable housing is required.
“Tsumeb Municipal Council allocated over 300 erven to the shack dwellers Federation for the construction of the SDFN houses,” said Kankoshi.
According to Kankoshi, 22 Houses constructed under the shack dwellers Federation in Tsumeb has increased from 45 in 2017 to 175 this year.
In March this year, the Council with the help from Dundee Precious Metals upgraded the water supply from 9 prepaid water points to 13.
Furthermore, Dundee Precious Metals acquired land from Council in order to construct over 100 houses for its employees. However, Kankoshi stated that the area is still under the statutory processes.
Currently, there are 150 shacks provided with prepaid electricity, the expansion of the electrification will be provided by CENORED through its rural electrification programme.
Tsumeb Municipality Council also intend to relocate informal settlers in Soweto to the proposed Nomtsoub Ext 8 once the area is fully serviced.
“The proposed extension is planned to accommodate over 300 affordable housing to the residents,” added Kankoshi.
Furthermore, NAMPAB approved the proposed extension 14, 17 and 18 and waiting for the layout approval from the Township Board.

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