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Combating crime is a continuous necessity

Combating crime is a continuous necessity

Maria David
MUCH more work needs to be done to mobilize all communities in Namibia in the constant fight against all forms of crime in order to better prevent it from occurring.
The Governor of the Kunene Region, Marius Sheya, said during his State of the Region Address that there is a an urgent need to roll out a sustained campaign against crimes that targets women and children.
“We need to be frank and admit that much more work still needs to be done, as we move forward, communities must work together to assist the Namibian Police to root out criminal elements within our settlements,” said Sheya.
Furthermore, Sheya, stated that there is huge drug problem in Kunene Region especially Outjo and Khorixas communities which remains a source of grave concern to them, and a whole-of-society response is required from government, police, and communities.
He noted that parents have a specific responsibility in this regard; no government can compensate for absent or poor parenting.
“We must strive to eradicate substance abuse among the youth of this Region for especially our school going learners it is time as communities we raise to the occasion to fight these evil We must also remember,” he added.
Sheya, said that the region has also seen a decrease in motor vehicle accidents by 14 percent compared to the previous financial year.
He urged all drivers to driver safely and ensure at all moments to adhere to road signs and regulations, despite the fact that there is no single gazette crossing boarder point along the Kunene River possess as a serious national risk.
Sheya implore on government to look into these matter with urgency and develop a crossing border post in Kunene Region.

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