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Uutoni urged youth to step-out of their comfort zone

Uutoni urged youth to step-out of their comfort zone

Maria David
Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni said, many of young people of Namibia has fallen victim to the so-called dependent syndrome, which he says is killing the youth.
Uutoni made the remarks whilst officially opening the Rural Youth Enterprise Training Workshop on Tuesday.
If Namibia is to successfully face the challenges of economic recession, Uutoni said a mind-set change is needed to do away with negativity and dependency syndrome.
More than 400 young people from all 121 constituencies of Namibia are gathered at Ongwediva in the Oshana Region to partake in a Rural Youth Enterprise Training Workshop. The event started on Monday and will come to an end on Saturday.

Photo by Maria David

“This training is aimed at giving the participants a better understanding in business principles to enhance the management of the youth-owned enterprises,” Uutoni pointed out.
He explained that young people possess many of the characteristic of the modern entrepreneurs, such as vision, enthusiasm, passion, flexibility, determination and resilience, which have been identified by leading economists and social scientists.
According to Uutoni, the challenge ahead of the nation now is for the regions and constituencies to ensure that their respective youth-owned enterprises become successful and more importantly that a successful entrepreneur should be confident and never retreat of give up.
“Success in business as in any other field requires courage and a commitment to work many long hours in pursuit of your dreams,” Uutoni told the participants.
Speaking at the same event, DBN head of lending, John Mbango indicated that the bank has approved loans amounting to over N$1.1 billion to young entrepreneurs since 2013.
“To the aspiring young entrepreneurs in this audience, the economic future of Namibia rests in your hands,” stated Mbango, adding that the bank pays special attention to young entrepreneurs and provides finance for the youth aged 35 and below.
All participating youth will be expected to go back to their respective constituencies and compile viable business plans, with the assistance of DBN, University of Namibia and offices of their regional councilors for funding purposes.
Oshana Governor Elia Irimari, said that the young people feel rather left out and this is a great opportunity given to them to ensure that set for self-empowerment.
“The training will sharpen your skills so that you can excel in growing your businesses in order to meet the needs of our country and its people,” noted Irimari.
He explained that young people are currently faced with challenges of unemployment and limited access to business start-up capital.
Irimari added that the program will contribute positively to the development of their constituencies and the country at large, the training will also strengthen their human resource and the realization of having enterprises which will create employment for the people.
The Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) sponsored the workshop to the tune of N$1 million, while his Ministry availed transport and allowance to the participants.

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