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School hostel burns to the ground

School hostel burns to the ground

Niël Terblanché
A PREFABRICATED building used as a school hostel for boys at the Catalyst Educational Centre in Okahandja was destroyed by a fire that ripped through the structure in a matter of minutes.
According to one of the people that responded to the fire on Tuesday evening none of the children residing in the hostel was injured during the incident. Two 19-year-old girls were taken to the local hospital to get treatement for smoke inhaltion but were discharged shortly after. Everyone in the building was able to evacuate to safety before the blaze destroyed everything inside.
The actual cause of the fire is still unknown but it is speculated that the blaze was started by a leaking gas connection inside the prefabricated building.
It is the second school in Okahandja that suffered damage as a result of fire in little more than a week.
According to one Okahandja resident four classrooms of the JG van der Watt School was also destroyed by a fire about a week ago.
After the second fire at the Catalyst School residents fear that an arsonist might be on the loose in their midst.

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