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Water well collapse ends in tragedy

Water well collapse ends in tragedy

Video: Villagers search for the remains of two men who were buried alive. Footage: Contributed

Placido Hilukilwa
WHAT started as a search for much needed water for human and animal consumption in the Okatope Village of the Ohangwena Region ended in a tragedy Friday when a sand wall collapsed on top of two young men, who were digging a well.
According to police spokesperson Andrew Nghiyolwa, the tragic incident happened while three young men were digging a well.
“Two were working in the well while the third was outside when suddenly the wall of the well collapsed on those who were at the bottom of the well, burying them alive. The third digger who survived the incident alerted the villagers, but nothing could really be done to save those trapped under a huge mound of sand,” he said.
The police with the assistence of community members used earth moving equipment and only managed to retrieve the bodies earlier on Sunday morning.
Nghiyolwa said that the names and ages of the deceased will only be revealed later on.
“These unfortunate deaths are a direct consequence of the current drought. People are desperately in search of water for themselves and their animals,” he noted.

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