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Namibia bids to host world’s richest

Namibia bids to host world’s richest

Zorena Jantze

NAMIBIA has announced its intentions to host the Horasis Global Meeting (HGM) and Business Forum, which will see the convening of the World’s Top 15 Forbes listed billionaires in Namibia.

WEALTH: Some of the Worlds Forbes Listed top 15 billionaires.

Stanly Simataa stated that Cabinet approved, in principle, that Namibia co-hosts the Horasis Africa Meeting with its inaugural edition taking place in 2022.

If approved, Namibia will enter an agreement with Horasis to co-host one of the following meetings: Horasis Meeting for Africa (new concept); Horasis Meeting focusing on India and China, or the Horasis Visionary Billionaire meeting.

Cabinet noted the Horasis Visionary Billionaire meeting will be a closed door meeting of the top 15 Forbes listed.

It takes place in September each year, at an undisclosed location without the presence of the media.

The event, if hosted in the country, is intended to possible initiate interest of one or more of the attendees to invest in Namibia.

Cabinet has therefore directed the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, through the Namibia Investment Centre (NIC), to liaise with the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation to engage Horasis on the options to be agreed upon and coordinate the follow-up.

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