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Taxi driver killed by Operation Kalahari Desert

Taxi driver killed by Operation Kalahari Desert

Eba Kandovazu

A WINDHOEK taxi driver was instantly killed early this morning in Greenwell Matongo by an NDF member part who is part of the recently launched,Operation Kalahari Desert.

Pictured: Members of the police and army at the launch of Operation Hornkranz. Photo: file

It is alleged that the unidentified taxi driver, said to be in his 30ss, was attempting to make a U-turn when he saw a mini-police road block which was temporary enacted in Windhoek’s Greenwell Matongo informal settlement area, near the popular hangout spot, Kwasa kwasa bar.

The operation consists of members of the Namibian police, the army and city police.

Police Chief Inspector, Pendukeni Haikali, said that the deceased’s reasons for turning around remain unknown at this stage.

“Members of the operation put up a mini-road block when the deceased, upon seeing this, decided to turn around. It was then that shots were made by a member and unfortunately one bullet his car, leading to his death,” Haikali said.

The police also said it is not immediately clear if the shots were meant to be warning shots, or if they were aimed straight at the taxi driver, but that investigations will offer more clarity on the matter.

In a voice recording by an unidentified person who claims to have witnessed the incident, the taxi driver was visibly drunk and was avoiding being detected by the operation.

The man behind the recording, which has since gone viral, also said there would have bee no way for the driver to escape, and that it was not necessary for the member of NDF to open fire.

“We were blocked and told to not move until 03h30. Our country is now heading for the worst. It was scary. The officer who gunned down the man used an AK47,” he said.

Although it is the first death reported, it is not the first violent incident between civilians and officials who form part of the police and army crime-fighting operations, namely Operation Hornkranz and now Operation Kalahari Desert.

Police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga could not be reached for comment.





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