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Driver miraculously survive freak accident

Driver miraculously survive freak accident

Pictured: The aftermath of a freak accident earlier on Tuesday. – Photos: Contributed

Niël Terblanché
A COLISSION between a heavy truck and a much smaller Hyundai bakkie on the road between Usakos and Karibib resulted in the larger vehicle crashing into the concrete railing of a bridge and then falling five metres to the railway below before being dragged and crushed under the bridge by a passing train.
According to an emergency worker on the scene of the freak accident, the driver of the truck, who was transporting hot bitumen to a nearby road repair site, survived the entire ordeal with just minor injuries. He was taken to the Usakos State Hospital by ambulance for treatment.
The bystander said the truck was on its way to Karibib when it collided with the much smaller Hyundai bakkie.
The train, on its way to Usakos, was about to pass under the bridge when the truck fell on the tracks in front of it. It crashed into the truck and the momentum of the train dragged the truck under the bridge where it was crushed inside the narrow concrete cause way.
The momentum of the train forced the first locomotive over part of the truck wreckage leaving the heavy piece of machinery partly suspended about a metre off the ground while the second locomotive also derailed.
No other injuries were reported.

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