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Okahandja pimp accused claims victim was her friend

Okahandja pimp accused claims victim was her friend

Eba Kandovazu

AN Okahandja woman accused of pimping young girls from her village this morning maintained in the high court that she had a close relationship with one of the victims.

DUCKING AND DIVING: Tuufilwa Jonas. Photo: Eba Kandovazu

Jonas Tuufilwa, through her lawyer Milton Engelbrecht, refuted allegations that she was offered money to pay transport for a victim, given to her by one of the men who she had organised her for.

According to her, the N$200 she gave the victim was given as a loan and that it was money that was intended to be repaid.

“She was going to give back the money after she had gotten a job. Common sense dictates that if you are in danger, especially when you are being sexually assaulted, that you report the matter to authorities and she failed to do so,” Engelbrecht argued.

Both the state and the defense made their final submissions before Judge Naomi Shivute, who scheduled judgement for 31 June 2019.

“We urge that the court convicts the accused on both charges of rape and human trafficking and that the court considers evidence in its totality,” State Prosecutor Felistas Shikerete submitted.

Jonas faces four rape charges for allegedly forcing a 15-year-old girl into having non-consensual sex with four different men.

The rape incidences occurred in 2017.  The men, who resided around the farm where Jonas was employed, still have not been traced by the police.

Jonas would receive money, carrots, warthog heads, meat and sugar as compensation from the men, the state is alleging.

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